Y Location

We opened our Y location in April 2017 right in the heart of the ‘Y’ intersection where Hwy 50 & Hwy 89 intersect in South Lake Tahoe. Our Y location features a dynamic space where glass panel garage doors open to a patio with fire pits and a permanently built in stage where events and live music frequent. With a focus on true Neapolitan pizza, we host a one of a kind food menu where everything is cooked in our wood fired oven. Craft beer lovers find themselves getting lost in our 30 rotating taps as they are able to pour for themselves at AleWorX! But not to worry our self-serve wall also features 3 wine taps, nitro coffee, and kombucha/kefir to appeal to those interested in something other than craft beer.
All in all, our Y location has become a community hub where there is a fun and relaxing environment to enjoy with the whole family!

Stateline Location

Following an exciting first trip around the sun with our Y location, we decided to open our second location in the Stateline casino corridor. We opened our Stateline location in June 2018 and while our two locations are similar, they are also quite different—settling into their own identities as time has passed. Our Stateline location offers an identical wood fired food menu and the same adventurous self-serve craft beer concept, but also features a full bar where we are proudly offering a craft cocktail selection that is unlike any other in town! Just like our Y location, our Stateline location regularly features live entertainment—although more frequently we are hosting late night DJ and silent disco concepts as an alternative to the nearby casino parties and the more traditional club scene. But don’t let our Stateline night life alternative encourage you to forget that we are one of the only kid friendly—gaming and smoke free—dining options in the immediate casino corridor vicinity!